kelti malone

Born and raised in Edmonton AB, Kelti’s musical journey began with a violin in hand at the age of five. Since then, it seems a day doesn’t go by without some sort of musical adventure finding its way into her midst. Her musical upbringing spurred a love of songwriting and to date she has composed and self produced a lengthy body of work, with indie folk as her musical niche.

The songstress recently packed up her instruments and headed to the West Coast to further pursue a musical career. Currently in the studio recording some of her latest compositions, Kelti is readying herself to promote her latest EP, "Always Racing Back There". The album is an exploration of poetic creativity, stories that give a glimpse into her childhood, imagination, and heart. Like a tale through a storybook, the album begins in the cal-de-sac of her youth, then travels across land and sea, through forests and starry night skies, and leads the listener into the beauty of love as pictured through the changing seasons.

The classically trained violinist, pianist, and guitarist has enjoyed numerous tours throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, and has reached audiences across the border and overseas. An experienced solo artist, Kelti moves between her various instruments during each show, applying an intriguing amount of variety for her audience. She has also enjoyed taking the stage with Saskatchewan born singer/songwriter Jennifer Jade Kerr in many a tour. With a business marketing degree in hand, Kelti is currently planning her upcoming tour and EP release promotion, looking to increase her exposure in the musical world.

Kelti has always enjoyed experimenting with different styles of music, but throughout the years of writing, she has begun to discover and develop her own unique sound and lyrical authorship. This new found musical maturity is displayed beautifully in Always Racing Back There, where music and lyrics work together to paint a distinct picture for the listener in each song. Though Kelti’s musical journey began many years ago, it seems like her adventures are just beginning, adventures she’s excited and ready to take each and every listener on.